1. Who may join the SSM ?
  2. Who are the patrons of the SSM ?
  3. How is the SSM organized ?
  4. Is there a Rule of Life for the SSM ?
  5. May members also belong to other organizations?
  6. How does one apply for membership?

Who may join the SSM?

Membership is open to bishops, priests, and deacons.  Ordinands and seminarians may become associate members.  Interested laity who wish to encourage the mission of the SSM and join in prayerful support of it may become members of the Confraternity of the Society.

Who are the patrons of the SSM?

The Society is dedicated to the glory of God under special invocation of St Michael the archangel, defeater of the evil one and defender of the Church. The special patroness of the Society is Our Lady of Walsingham, the Blessed Mother in her English apparition, praying her special blessing on all Christian families.

How is the SSM organized?

The SSM is governed by a Master-General and a Council of twelve members.  Local chapters may be organized where there are sufficient members and associates.

Is there a Rule of Life for the SSM?

  • A. Members and associates shall form and endeavor to keep a rule of life that includes but is not limited to:
    • Care for their souls by
      • Celebration of or participation according the ministry of one’s order in the holy sacrifice of the Mass on all Sundays and holy days of obligation, adding the concluding prayer to St Michael, either publicly, in the sacristy, or in secret;
      • Keeping the Eucharistic fast as it is currently prescribed;
      • Endeavoring to cultivate in one’s self and others appreciation of the fullness of the Catholic faith and the Church’s Tradition.
    • Care for their minds by engaging in sacred study, especially of Holy Scripture and the Fathers;
    • Care for their bodies by keeping the Church’s laws of chastity.
  • Members and associates are encouraged to include in their Rule the following:
    • Celebrate, concelebrate, or assist daily in the Mass; appending the Prayer to St Michael to the Mass;
    • Commend the day to God on awakening and on lying down, by making the Sign of the Cross and briefly recollecting the Presence of God;
    • Pray daily for the Society, especially its priests, and engage in a regular habit of private prayer;
    • Make a daily self-examination;
    • Exercise charity in conversation, circumspection in behavior, and moderation in recreation;
    • Be especially diligent in prayer for the Society on the feast of Michaelmas (29 September) and on all angelic feasts;
    • Pray regularly for the Society’s departed;
    • Make regular use of the Sacrament of Reconciliation;

May members also belong to other organizations?

Provided that the other organizations do not have aims or methods that are in conflict with the stated objects and mission of the SSM or its special charism, absolutely.

How does one apply for membership?

The normal way one becomes a member is by being nominated by a member.

A bishop, priest, or deacon who wishes to apply for membership, an ordinand or seminarian who wishes to apply for associate membership, if he does not know a member who can nominate him, may use the contact page on this website.

A layman who wishes to apply for membership in the Confraternity of the Society also may use the contact page on this website