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Objects of the Confraternity

To support in prayer and advocacy these objects of the Society of St Michael:

EDUCATION:  To maintain, promote, and extend the Catholic faith and discipline, especially against error;

UNITY:  To unite its members in a special bond of mutual charity arising from their common faith, and to work and pray for the reunion of Christ’s Church; and

SERVICE:  To strengthen and consolidate the spiritual life of its members; enabling and facilitating their service to God’s people, especially in pastoral care and parish life.

Rules of the Confraternity

1. To assist at Mass on all Sundays and Holy Days unless prevented by serious cause.

2.  To make such special intercession as shall be from time to time directed.

3.  To remember daily the Confraternity and Society by praying the Memorial of the Society.

Recommendations of the Confraternity

1.  To make proper preparation for and thanksgivings after every Mass.

2.  To pray the chaplet of St Michael frequently for the members and associates of the Society and for the members of the Confraternity.

3.  To pray at every Mass  for the visible unity of Christ’s Church.


Constitution of the Confraternity

The Confraternity of St Michael shall consist of clergy and laity who are practicing Catholics of the Anglican Tradition and those who support the Anglican Tradition of the Catholic Faith.

Dues:  US $ 15.00 annually.   Members of religious orders, students, and life members are exempt from annual dues.

Life membership:  US $ 150.00.

to apply for membership, please see the contact page.


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