Public statement time?

Fratres, as a body we issued a public statement years ago, shortly after our founding. The statement was to encourage a 24 hour day of prayer for unity among catholic Anglicans. As a result, we saw a rapid growth of our society that continued until the unfortunate events surrounding the issuance of Anglicanorum Coetibus caused us to fracture. As you may recall, we couldn’t even ask a question about the document without one or more brothers quitting in a huff!

Well, I think (hope) we’re finally past that. As you all also know, or should, coming up in October there will be a simultaneous synod of the (in alphabetic order) Anglican Catholic Church’s Original Province, Anglican Church in America, Anglican Province in America, and the Diocese of the Holy Cross.

I think it would be a valuable time for us to issue once again a call for prayer for unity. Is there consensus?

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