6 comments on “Testing…?

  1. FrSutter says:

    This is a test comment. I wonder if anyone will see it, also.

  2. Canon Charles Nalls says:

    Got it. CHN+

  3. anglicancatholicpriest says:

    I not only see the post, but am responding via the email post. On Oct 3, 2012 12:25 PM, “Society of St Michael” wrote:

    > ** > FrSutter posted: “This is a test entry. I wonder if anyone will see > it. “

  4. The Rev. William C. Fleenor, SSM says:

    Have you on internet digest

  5. Seen it, and left wanting more. Well, actually it leaves me, this beneficial first day of Sawmo Rabo, thinking that maybe I should revitalize my Walsingham Way blog, but I have enough just keeping up with my Piles and Philes

  6. doug strack + says:

    yes, see it

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