About Us

Since its founding in 2007, the Society of St Michael (SSM) has been a fraternity of Anglican clergy, organized as a society of apostolic life.  The SSM’s special charism is dedication to the Catholic faith and practice in its Anglican tradition.   The SSM exists for mutual support, encouragement, and fellowship, and witnesses to Anglican tradition in its Catholic fullness.

Ordinands and seminarians are invited as associate members to share in the fellowship and ministry of the Society. The clergy of the SSM together form the Canons Secular of St Michael.

Laity who wish to share in the mission of the SSM may become members of the Confraternity of the society.

Our Threefold Objects

EDUCATION:  To maintain, promote, and extend the Catholic faith and discipline, especially against error;

UNITY:  To unite its members in a special bond of mutual charity arising from their common faith, and to work and pray for the reunion of Christ’s Church; and

SERVICE:  To strengthen and consolidate the spiritual life of its members; enabling and facilitating their service to God’s people, especially in pastoral care and parish life.

Our Origins

Originally founded in 1999 simply to administer an internet based ministry of education in the Catholic faith of Anglicanism.  After discerning the need for mutual support for Catholic clergy and seminarians in the Anglican tradition, the Society was revived and reorganised by twelve founding priests, deacons, and seminarians in July 2007.  As the primary danger to the Church today comes from the neo-pagan and syncretistic worldviews of postmodernism, the society was dedicated to St Michael, the leader of the hosts of heaven which defeated the evil one and his fallen angels.

The Manual of the Society